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A Little Peace Chords

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A Little Peace

  		           Am         G   C                F 
There's a cold easy glow, dancing over our street 
   Am                     G                            C 
 I could have chased you down, I could have held your love 
But wouldn't you think me weak? 
     Am                        G 
 Of all I should know how the streets come and go 
          C          G           F 
And you chased the kaleidoscope dream 
  Am            G               C        G         F 
 Stranger, baby, always keep me in your sweet memory 

Am  G   F  C   G (x2)bridge thing 

Am                G 
A biting cold, thrashing, scolding 
C                      F 
Drowned me under our street 
 Perfect hips, perfect *tits*, 
She was perfect lips 
                     C                      F 
 Pieces of your heart, splattered on the cliff 
 Am           G 
We go home, watch a movie 
  C                         F 
 Tell me can you feel the beat? 
 C                                    G 
Getting worse, getting worse, she was 
                                    Am               F 
 Letting those feelings loose, she was becoming a monster 

Am                            G                        F C G 
She drew the line in the mind, she was done Holding on 
 Am                             G 
Look at me, can't you see I'm in love 
            F     C           G 
 Hold me tight, there, you got it 
  Am                          G 
 And did you find, that you like 
 A little piece of cherry pie, 
 C               G 
 Hot from the oven, from the oven. 

(Am   F   Am   F) ((bridge)) 

And it was, who let the girl out? (Let the dog out) 
Let the girl out? 
             C          G          F 
 Donā??t you miss me the way I miss you 

 Am                 G                 C                   F 
 Sailor, sailor, sailor, I'm sending birds to watch over you 
Am                                G 
What you see, how did we use to love 
             F    C            G 
 Hold me tight,there, you got it. 
  Am                   G 
 And all you need, honestly, 
 Is a little piece of cherry pie, 
 C              G 
 Hot from the oven. 

Am                         G                   C             F 
All you need is, face me, cherry pie, baby 

(x2 end on Am) 

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