The Isley Brothers

Why When Love Is Gone

The Isley Brothers

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Why When Love Is Gone

Capo on 1st fret

 fret, song in Bbm, for "the isley brothers",  
No capo, song in Am, for "the revelations". 

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Intro and Chorus guitar line, standard tuning : C Em Am F |-------------|---------------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|---------------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------0-|-2---2-------|-------------| |-----------0-|-2---2---2-3---|---------0---|-----3---2-0-| |-3-0---0-3---|---------------|---0---0---3-|-------------| |-----3-------|---0---0-------|-------------|-1-1---1-----|
1. C Am Your love made a slave of me Em Am but the love you gave, you took away from me. C Am Foolishly, I believed in you. Em Am What a fool I was, thinking love was true. F Am Selfishly you broke my heart. G Am You really had me fooling from the start. F Am Still I have just one regret : G Am although you're gone, I can't forget. C Em Why when the love is gone, Am F why does my heart keep holding on ? C Em Oh why when the love is gone, Am F Tell me why does my heart keep holding on ? 2. C Am Your love was sweet when it started Em Am but now I find it leaves me broken hearted. C Am Why do you swear to always care Em Am then walk away and leave me in despair ? F Selfishly ...

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chords The Isley Brothers - Why When Love Is Gone
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