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A Night On The River Chords

The Infamous Stringdusters

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by marcnagel

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A Night On The River

  		Transcribed by JD Roberts, May 2013  

E                     F#m              A                B 
I don't know where the money's gone, or where it's gonna be 
E                        F#m                 A                  B 
Not much to show for the work that I've done, but what else do I need 

F#m            E              B 
a night on the river is all I Need 
F#m             E              B 
A cool drink of water is all I need 

The bottom of the barrel 
I know I've had my share 
Tastes like it always does 
No surprises there 


When I think about old times 
I laugh so hard I cry 
Got turned around along the line 
But I still enjoy the ride 


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