The Hundred Acre Woods


The Hundred Acre Woods

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Capo on 5th fret

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hords used: C, G, Am, F C G Am F e|---0-----1-----0-----1-| B|---1-----0-----1-----1-| G|---0-----0-----2-----2-| D|---2-----0-----2-----3-| A|---3-----2-----0-----3-| E|---------3-------------| The following picking pattern can be played as an intro or throughout the entire song. It sounds good either way. C Am G C e|--0------0------1------1------| Play 2x B|--1------1------0------0------| G|------------------------------| D|----0-2----0-2-----------0-2--| A|--3------0--------0-2--3------| E|----------------3-------------| F C G C Am G C C e|--1------0------1------1------0------1------0------0----| B|--1------1------0------0------1------0------1------1----| G|------2-------------------------------------------------| D|----3------0-2-----------0-2----0-2-----------0-2----0-2| A|--3------3--------0-2--3------0--------0-2--3------3----| E|----------------3--------------------3------------------|
C Am G C When I was born they said I could have died. C Am G C My father did weep and my mother, she cried. F C G C Although my lungs were withered inside, Am G C C A two pound boy was alive. C Am G C Many months later I was taken home, C Am G C To a nice little house where I mended my bones. F C G C I would sit in the tree that once bordered the road, Am G C C Watch the world as it turned so slow. C Am G C Once I was seven we packed up our things, C Am G C And moved to PA where the setting sun brings, F C G C The beauty of life to the valleys and springs, Am G C C And the sound of the partridge does ring. C Am G C As I grew older my life doubled in size, C Am G C The tops of the hills arched their backs towards the skies. F C G C ?Cause nature you know, does sink and does rise, Am G C C Like the ocean, so old and so wise. C Am G C I remember when I played my first show, C Am G C The music pulsated with those in the front row. F C G C Spring claimed the air as the clouds hung so low, Am G C C ?In a year, a year or so?. C Am G C Sometimes when I lie awake late at night, C Am G C I watch the shadows that trickle from the house light. F C G C The patterns move slow like those born without sight, Am G C C When you sleep your life seems so bright. C Am G C Now that I?ve grown up, I?ll soon leave my home, C Am G C And pack up the pictures of the ones I did know. F C G C I?ll never forget all the places I roamed, Am G C C Pennsylvania, the love you have shown. F C G C I do not know if God is real or a lie, Am G C But oh well, I thank God I?m alive. ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | H hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | B Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************

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