The Homeless Gospel Choir

Black Friday

The Homeless Gospel Choir

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Black Friday

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(G) (D) (G) (D) e|----------------------------------------| B|----0---------------0-------------------| G|------0-----0---------0-----0-----------| D|--0-------0---0---0-------0---0---------| A|--------0-------2-------0---------------| E|-3--------------------------------------|
Verse G D Black Friday shoppers G D Are chomping at the bit G D To fill their shopping carts G D With debt and greed and shit G D They wake up in the morning G D Around 4: 28 G D So they can get to the box-store G D And find a parking space G D They clipped out all the coupons G D They made a shopping list G D They push and shove to get ahead G D With barbed-wire 'round their fist G D A woman died in Walmart G D To buy her family gifts G D She had no idea G D It was the last day she would live G D So if you go out shopping G D On Black Friday this year G D It may be the last time G D G D We see you around here. ... Outro Bb F Jesus Christ! Bb F Didn't die! Bb C F For you to be an asshole! Bb F He didn't come to make Bb F War for oil's sake! Bb C F And blame it on people who are different!

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