The Hollies

I Wanna Shout

The Hollies

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I Wanna Shout

(Allan Clarke)


D                      Em 
Do you find it hard to tell me 
    G                   D 
To tell that you really love me 
D                      Em 
'cos I find it hard to tell you 
    G                   D 
To tell you that I really love you 

D                        Em 
And I know what's in your heart 
        G                           D 
In your mind, in your body, and your soul 
D                      Em 
But it's easy when we whisper 
    G                D 
Not letting people know. 

D                      Em 
We wanna shout it out loud 
       G                 D 
But we can't let people know 
D                      Em 
We wanna shout it out loud 
        G                D 
But our love is not for show 

D                             Em 
I've got something you've got nothing 
    G                   D 
A child, a home of my own 
D                      Em 
It's so hard for me to break it 
       G                                  D 
I can't break it, I can't make it on my own  

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