The Hollies


The Hollies

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(The Hollies)

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E|-------------------------------------------------------------- B|-14-12----14-12--------------------14-14-14-15-17-12---------- G|-------14-------14-11-11-13-11-9------------------------------ D|-------------------------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------
A Bm Heartbeat, why do you miss E A E When my baby kisses me? A Bm Heartbeat, why does your love kiss E A E Stay in my memory? Bm Pittery-pat. A E I know that new love thrills me. Bm A E I know that true love will be. A Bm Heartbeat, why do you miss E A E When my baby kisses me? A Bm Heartbeat, why do you skip E A E When my baby's lips meet mine? A Bm Heartbeat, why do you flip E A E Then give me a skip each time? Bm Pittery-pat. A E Sing to me love's story Bm A E Bring to me love's glory

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