The Hold Steady

The Weekenders

The Hold Steady

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The Weekenders

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verse 1: *I like to use muted downstrokes  

Em7              Cadd9                      G                Em7 
There was that whole weird thing with the horses  
   Cadd9                           G 
I think they know exactly what happened, I don't think it needs any  
      Cadd9                    G                  Em7 
I'm pretty sure I wasn't your first choice 
    Cadd9                      G              Em7 
I think I was the last one remaining               
   Cadd9                      G 
I wish we hadn't gone and destroyed it 
'Cause I was thinking we could pull another weekender 
             Cadd9                     G 
You've still got a little bit of clairvoyance 


B                D 
I remember the metal bar 
A                  G 
   I remember the reservoir 
Em7                Cadd9               D 
You could say our paths had crossed before 

Em7 Cadd9 So if it has to be a secret, then I guess that I can deal with it G You and I both know it's a negative thing Em7 Cadd9 G In the end only the girls know the whole truth
verse 3 Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus Go to Chorus B:
Em7 Cadd9 And if you swear to keep it decent, then yeah, I'll come and see you G But it's not gonna be like in romantic comedies Em7 Cadd9 G In the end I bet no one learns a lesson
Chorus Chorus B

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