The Hold Steady

T-shirt Tux Chords

The Hold Steady

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by IronPower4Ever

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T-shirt Tux

  		Intro: C 

             F                             Dm                 C 
There?s that girl from your work and she?s here with some guy 
           F               Dm            C 
He?s got a t-shirt tux and piano key tie 
    F               D                       Am 
The rest of us were rolling our eyes at the handshake 
He did with the doorman 
    F                      Dm                           C 
But that?s how he gets the stuff that makes him feel so important 
       F                     Dm                    C 
And we all need something to get through the night 
           F                        Dm                C 
'Cause the kitchen gets hot and the fingers get fried 
  F              D 
A Pontius Pilate played to the crowd 
         C                             Am 
And they all thought they knew what he wanted 
    F                          D 
And everyone?s sorry when they see that it?s dawn 
  C                           Am 
I assume that?s the reason we do this 
    F                       D 
And me and the guy with the piano key tie 
    Am                        C 
Are probably gonna play right through this 

F           C         G              C 
Tiny little triumphs, massive bloody failures 
F                      C           G               C 
I hear that there were sailors who dread coming to shore 
F            C          G      C 
I Guess it?s true, it?s true I guess 
    F                 C              G                  C 
But tonight I fear my sensors aren?t receiving at their best 

    F                         Dm                     C 
And everyone talks about they hate that they?re here 
F                      Dm                C 
Baring their teeth and sharpening spears 
    F                          D 
The stuff that they put in the punch bowl tonight 
         Am                   C 
Makes it too hard to pay much attention 
         F                       Dm                  C 
But your war of attrition turned out to be a major attraction 
  F                   Dm                   C 
A boy and a girl were draining their beers 
        F                           Dm               C 
He said ?Stalin was a weatherman to start his career 
    F                      D                Am                     C 
And Johnny Cash was in the service when the news came through the wire 
         F                       D 
And it?s weird how you feel when bad people die? 
         C              Am 
She said ?Yeah I guess, whatever 
         F                    Dm                       C 
All your fun little facts are never going to keep us together? 

      F      C              G          C 
We'll all be doomed once we leave this room 
      F                    C 
We?re spinning through the turnstiles 
          G               C 
And we?re sleeping in our shoes 
            F      C 
While we?re sad in stones 
            G                C 
While we?re all hooked up at home 
            F                     C 
But when we leave the house we?re homesick 
        G             C 
Got the disconnection blues 
           F           C                G                   C 
There were multiple dispensers and some friends we couldn?t use 

Final Verse 
                                         F            C 
There?s a candle on the table, there?s a photo on the fridge 
          F                  C                  G                C 
There?s a bunch of things we said we were gonna do and never did 

And sometimes it?s all slippery sidewalks 
              F                    C 
And trying to find a place to park 
F            C           G             C 
Turning on a burner that never catches spark 
                                      F                 C 
They said everything?s perception but that?s not really right 
F                C             G            C 
Let?s all try to tell a little truth tonight 
F                C             G            C 
Let?s all try to tell a little truth tonight 

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