The Hearts And Hands

The Sun Always Rises

The Hearts And Hands

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The Sun Always Rises


Intro: F Am C Em 

verse 1: 
F         Am 
Happiness feels like a memory, 
Em                          Am 
 A foreign feeling that you used to know. 
 Where did the light go? 
 I've grown too comfortable. 
Em                            Am 
 Stuck at the bottom of this hopeless hole. 
 Don't let go. 

F You lost a battle, Am But you haven't lost the war. C Don't let go, Em You still have hope. F Am The sun always rises when you look ahead, C Em The sun always rises when you look ahead of you.
verse 2: Don't try and solve a temporary problem With a permanent solution. When you feel like there's no one left to fight for, Look in the mirror and fight for yourself. Don't let go. Chorus Intro x2 Chorus Outro: F Am When all you know is falling down around you don't let go, C Em and fight for yourself.

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chords The Hearts And Hands - The Sun Always Rises
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