The Heart Pills

Bus Ride

The Heart Pills

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Bus Ride

C F C F 

Verse 1:

C theres a fat man, his face is grim F he's talking to himself but looking at him C F as they rumble to a stop, for a smoke a leak at a stretch C She had thirty-four dollars to her name F She wasn't very pretty and she wasn't very plain C F with her face pressed against the tinted window pane C and a man next to her was playing air guitar F to boston's greatest hits and a mix of the cars C F and a couple in the isle licking eachothers collar bones G F A G a woman screams at her kids and starts to cuss G F I just need to get off of this bus
Break C F C F A G A

Verse 2:

A G F A G A He stares at the girl in the window pane A G F A G A says "please tell me the first letter of your name" A G F she lies and says "oh but whats all the fuss? G F I just need to get off of this bus"
Break C F C F

Verse 3:

C F Well he taught her to smile, and she taught him to smoke C F and together they realized life's just a long boring joke C F So she smiles with her crooked grin, and and winks C with her crooked eye, and grinds her crooked teeth, F G F and lets out a crooked sigh as she looks at the couple in the back A G lets her hair down, throws a Dramamine back F C she says "lets lick eachother's collar bones, and never look back"
Outro C F C La la la, da da da, dah dah dah F C La la la, da da da, dah dah dah

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