The Great Divide

Wild Horses

The Great Divide

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Wild Horses


Intro: Em  C  D  Em  C  D   G  C  G  D  C  G  

G                   C            G                     D  
Got myself quite a reputation 'bout the way I used to run  
G                              C          
Well I'll admit, I've been a little bit wreckless but,  
G                  D  
I ain't the only one.  
C                     G  
You've been around a time or two, honey  
C                            D  
But, I've been around there myself.  
G                              C          G  
Well I don't care about what everybody's sayin',  
           D    C          G  
Let's put yesterday on a shelf.  

C G - Cause all of my friends say I've been actin' crazy, C D All of yours are wonderin' what you're gettin' into. G C G D C G But they ain't got enough wild horses to drag me away from you. -
G C G D I don't see where it's anybody's business what we do with our time. G C What's that song say about mindin' your own, G D Then you won't be mindin' mine? C G Let's get away from all them doomsday prophets, C D They're drivin' me insane... G C G I wanna walk with you down golden beaches D C G And make love out in the rain. Em G Let's quit savin' up for rainy days, baby Em G Let's just let the sun shine. Em G Girl, listen to your heart for a minute... C D It's beatin' right along with mine. - REPEAT CHORUS ? G C G D C G Nah they ain't got enough wild horses to drag me away from you. Em C D Em C G

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