The Go Go's

Head Over Heels

The Go Go's

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Head Over Heels

	  		(intro) A 

             D                     G 
Been running so long, I've nearly lost all track of time 
            D                   G 
In every direction, I couldn't see the warning signs 

            C/G               G 
I must be losin' it, 'Cuz my mind plays tricks on me 
              D                  A 
It looked so easy, But you know looks sometimes deceive 

                 D           G 
Been running so fast, Right from the starting line 
            D                      G 
No more connections, I don't need any more advice 

                C/G                G 
One hand's just reaching out, And one's just hangin' on 
             D           A 
It seems my weaknesses, Just keep going strong 

D          A                    E 
Head over heels, Where should I go 
              B                D 
Can't stop myself, Outta control 
           A                  E 
Head over heels, No time to think 
                B                     D 
Looks like, The whole world's out of sync 

Been running so hard, When what I need is to unwind 

The voice of reason, Is one I left so far behind 

I waited so long, So long to play this part 

And just remembered, That I'd forgotten about my heart 

D A (D G D G C B A)2X  (D C G A)2X - Base Solo Piano 
                       (D A E B)2X - Base Solo Baixo 

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