The Fratellis

Moonshine (acoustic)

The Fratellis

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Moonshine (acoustic)

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: C#m  F#m7  C#m  F#m7  

    C#m       F#m7 
 Moonshine, moonshine 
Bm7                      E 
 . I may be bleedin' but I feel just fine 
    C#m       F#m7 
 Moonshine, moonshine 
Bm7                      E 
 . I wish to God you would send me a sign 
   Bm7            E 
 My future's on its knees 
   Bm7                 E                C#m   F#m7  C#m  F#m7  
 It don't do its best to please my crooked spine           

    C#m       F#m7 
 Moonshine, moonshine 
Bm7                         E 
 . I got the troubles of this whole world combined 
    C#m       F#m7 
 Moonshine, moonshine 
Bm7                                 E 
 I'll take all your problems if you'd only take mine 
    Bm7           E 
 And I don't see no place 
           Bm7               E                     C#m 
 That I can show this shameful face without fear of decline 

 . Never knowin' is the most evil feelin' 
C#m                       F 
 . And every answer here is none too appealin' 
E                  F 
 I'm just waitin' in line 
        E                         F 
 Prayin' hard when it comes, it's divine 
             G         C#m   F#m7  C#m  F#m7  
 Have I been blind, Moonshine?  

    C#m       F#m7 
 Moonshine, moonshine 
    Bm7                             E 
 I'm going up to Graceland where they built me a shrine 
    C#m       F#m7 
 Moonshine, moonshine 
Bm7                          E 
 . I bet my whole life on this useless design 
    Bm7              E 
 But we'll go with the girls 
         Bm7           E 
 They got empty beds and curls 
                    C#m              F#m7  C#m  F#m7  
 We won't be easy to find, Moonshine 

  C#m  F#m7  C#m  F#m7  C#m 

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