The Fratellis


The Fratellis

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	  		C            A        C        A 
Well just because she feeds me well 
        C            A          C      A 
And she made me talk dirty in a pink hotel 
F            C         E        Am 
Doesn't mean she's got eyes for me 
F              C       E         Am 
She might just want my bones you see  

same chords: 

And hey flathead don't you get mean 
She's the second best killer that I ever have seen 
It don't come much more sick than you 
I could go on if you want me to 
It's just so wrong so very nice 
And I told you once and you killed me twice 
Saw you one time at the back of the club 
Chewing on glass and a ticket stub  

and then: 

F                                        G 
Still I heard you kicked the boy till he bled 
         Am                  F        G                 
And you stood and said oh my god till she said 
C        Am         F      G 
Bada bap pada da da badada da da da da da 

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