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Bye Bye Love Chords

The Everly Brothers

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by ambChile

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Bye Bye Love

Year: 1976 - Album: Estúpido Cupido - Internacional

G D Bye-bye, love, G D G D Bye-bye, happiness, hello, loneliness, D A7 D I think I'm-a gonna cry-y. G D G D G D Bye-bye, love, bye-bye, sweet caress, hello, emptiness. A7 D I feel like I could di-ie. D A7 G Bye-bye, my love, goodby-eye. D A7 G Bye-bye, my love, good-bye.
A7 D There goes my baby with-a someone new. A7 D She sure looks happy, I sure am blue. G A7 She was my baby till he stepped in. A7 D Goodbye to romance that might have been Chorus A7 D I'm-a through with romance, I'm a-through with love. A7 D I'm through with a-countin' the stars above, G A7 And here's the reason that I'm so free: A7 D My lovin' baby is through with me.
D A7 D Bye-bye, my love, goodby-eye, D A7 D Bye-bye, my love goodby-eye. D A7 D Bye-bye, my love, goodby-eye.

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