The Edgar Broughton Band

Evening Over Rooftops

The Edgar Broughton Band

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Evening Over Rooftops

(Dm)           (C)           (A#)           (C)           (Dm) 
(Dm)The air was thick like honey, (C)looking from a room 
(A#)The room had (C)open windows, (Dm)to let the springtime through 
(Dm)Evening stood by watching, at the (C)side of summers promise 
T(A#)he flowers in a (C)garden were the (Dm)envy be of her friends 

How (Dm)far are we from dying is it (C)nearly at an end  
   How (A#)far are we from (C)dying is it (Dm)nearly at an end  

(Dm)The smog hung on the skylines, the(C) city fell in silence 
The (A#)sunset ripe and (Cm)ellow, was the(Dm) ligth to write thoughts by 
(Dm)Her children watch for father, from the (C)window in the wall 
(A#)said a prayer for (C)grandpapa and (Dm)mabye many more 

(Dm)Somewhere in the distance, on the (C)road so far away 
I (A#)heard the sound of (C)life, though the (Dm)people left for home 


(Dm)Three birds flew off a building, standing '(C)proud against the sky 
(A#)Many for flew with (C)them are, spiralled (Dm)upward like laughter 
(Dm)Faster, harder, the (C)rose up in a column 
(A#)hundrets upon hundrets, and (Dm)twice that many wingsspeed  

(Dm)Four miles accross, stretched a (C)millions miles high 
The (A#)living pulsing (C)'column in the (Dm)lady of the sky 
(Dm)Feathers trash together (C)locked in that huge one  
I (A#)knew no one coul(C)d see it and n(Dm)ow that it was is gone 

(Dm)I rubbed my eyes and tried to find the (C)reason for the fly 
(A#)Exodus es(C)cape or was it j(Dm)ust for me to see 
(Dm)Like the mating of the earth and air 
(C)Like water is to flowers the (A#)envy of her frien(C)ds 

How far are we from (Dm)dying is it nearly at an end 
(Dm)How far are we from dying is it (C)nearly at an end           
 How (A#)far are we from (C)dying is it (Dm)nearly at an end   
How (A#)far are we from (C)dying is it (Dm)nearly at an end 

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