The Duprees

My Own True Love

The Duprees

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My Own True Love

	  		My Own True Love:The Duprees. 
#13 on BB Hot 100 on CO-ED Records 
in 1962.  

 Db              Abm            Db 
               Gb      Bm       Gb 

Db Gb  B    Abm   Db          Gb 
My own true love, my own true love. 
             B     Db               Gb 
At last I've found own true love. 

Gb      B    Abm7   B  Db          Gb 
No lips but arms but yours.. 
Gb        B        Db               Gb 
will ever lead me..through Heaven's doors. 

Gb           B        Bbm       Db 
I roamed the Earth in search of this. 
  Abm7               Bbm  B   Ab      Db 
I knew I'd know you..know you by your kiss. 

Gb          B            Db         Gb 
And by your kiss, you've shown true love. 
Gb           B     Db Bbm Db   Eb D 
I'm yours own tr...ue looove. 
 D           B 
(my own true love) 

Bm          Gb 
My own true loooooove..(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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