The Dodos

The Strums

The Dodos

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The Strums


Intro:(C, F, Am, Dm) (2x) 

C                F 
The image on the board 
        Am               Dm 
Selling things we can't afford 
          C                    F 
But we're still buying up in a frenzy 
          Am                    Dm 
Cause our hearts just yearn for more 
Is this sin, all he want? 
   C            Am 
Is offerings we got? 
    G              C          Dm 
But soon you'll be overrating eyes 
Oh people they can't be good 
                C                  Am 
When what comes next on the market should 
          Bb                             C 
But we go on because its understood 
                 Dm                            Am 
But you can only hope, when they say that they want you 
Dm                          Am                  G 
Yeah, they'll say that they want you, when they don't 

            C              F 
It's like a chandelier 
            Am             Dm 
It's like a fountain head 
                    C               F 
The strings are all there 
             Am                   Dm 
A chain link fence to convince you 
                  C                F 
That you're never aware 
                          Am                Dm 
For things that which you spare 
             C          F            Am            Dm 
Are at cause they don't care about you 

Don't care of what you've done 
       C              Am 
You're fooled by everyone 
    G              C                Dm 
But soon you'll go get your daddy's gun 
And go out to recollect 
             C                      Am  
From all the guards that you put in debt 
It's time you learn that you cannot change (can't hide shame/change) 
But you forget 

                    Dm                            Am 
But you will always think when they say that they want you,  
Dm                      Am                    G 
When they say that they want you, that they don't 

(C  F, Am, Dm)x2 (G  C, Am)x3 (Bb  C) 

F                           Bb 
You wait but somedays never come 
Your prophesying here is done 
You're only left with what you beg 

F                              Bb 
In toward you can, begone your way 
The others wait till they're okay 
                                 C    F    Am   Dm 
They're only left with what they beg, beg, beg 

   C                  F 
So children kill your teachers 
          Am                      Dm 
Kill your parents, then kill your preachers 
            C                            F 
Because you know, that they'll only will doubt you 
          Am                  Dm 
When they start to lose their features 
Its okay that there gone 
          C               Am 
Torturing you is all they want 
And lesson learned, now lesson taught 
You just know what they forgot 
           Bb                              C 
Cause they didn't get to find out what you sought 

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