The Dirty Guvnahs

Wide Awake

The Dirty Guvnahs

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Wide Awake

	  		Wide Awake by The Dirty Guv'nahs 
(notes on the bottom of the page) 

E   1 measure 

verse 1 *strum each chord once 
E                    Esus4   E                C#m 
I'm leaving today,          coming to find you; 
                   A                    E 
not taking anything, or wasting time. 
E          Esus4   E               C#m 
I'm dizzy,        dizzy and I'm spinning. 
                  A                                E 
You're all I want to know, you're all I want to know. 

*strum chords on 8th notes 

E C#m A E Maybe, everything is happening in front of our eyes. E C#m A E Standing, standing right beside you; right beside you.
verse 2 *same as 1st verse, but strum E Esus4 E C#m A You know me; you know me well, and where I've been. E Esus4 E You know me well, (E) C#m so be patient 'cause baby there's still time A E and I'm wide awake inside. I'm wide awake inside. Chorusx2 Intro to Bridge*you might want to listen to the recording to get it A (emphasize alternating C# and E notes) E (emphasize alternating B and E notes C# and E on fast part) Bridgex2 Play chords just like the intro to the bridge, or strum to the beat. A E I'm wide awake . . . and you're beside. A E And everything . . . in front my eyes. (In front of my eyes ) Jamx2 *Walk down (listen to recording) or improvise a new solo A E Oh, woah . Bridge 2 x2 *Use chord walk down from the Jam A E I'm wide awake . . . and you're beside. (Oh, woah .) A E And everything . . . in front of my eyes.(Oh, woah .) Outtro *hold chord/single strum; quickly go from loud and upbeat to slow and quiet E I'm wide awake, and you're beside.

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