The Czars

Song To The Siren

The Czars

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Song To The Siren

Capo on 3rd fret

G               D 
Long afloat on shipless oceans 
Em            C 
I did all my best to smile 
G                  D 
'til your singing eyes and fingers 
Em       C 
Drew me loving to your isle 

And you sang 
F            C 
Sail to me, Sail to me 
Let me enfold you 
Em         D 
Here I am Here I am 
C          G 
Waiting to hold you 

G              D 
Did I dream you dreamed about me? 
Em         C 
Were you hare when I was fox? 
G             D 
Now my foolish boat is leaning 
Em                C 
Broken lovelorn on your rocks, 
For you sing,  
'touch me not, 
 touch me not,  
come back tomorrow: 

Em             D 
O my heart, o my heart  
C             G 
shies from the sorrow' 

G D Em C (2x) 

G             D 
I am puzzled as the newborn child 
Em          C 
I am troubled at the tide: 
G               D 
Should I stand amid the breakers? 
Em            C 
Should I lie with death my bride? 
Em       D 
Hear me sing, 'swim to me, 
 C                  G 
swim to me, let me enfold you: 
Em          D 
Here I am, here I am,  
C           G 
waiting to hold you' 

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