The Currys

How A Mans Supposed To Die

The Currys

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How A Mans Supposed To Die

	  		How a Man's Supposed to Die, from the album "Follow" by The Currys 

Open tuning, no capo 

Intro: A 

       A                   D        A 
I been lying around these last few days 
            E                      D      A 
Afraid that if I start moving I'd find my way 
         D                          A 
And that if I start talking I'd have something to say 
E              D          A 
Ain't that the way it goes 

    A                    D          A 
I drink to remember the best of my friends 
      E                   D          A 
I'll drink to forget the worst of my sins 
         D                     A 
And I'll drink to make love to her once again 
        E      D       A 
Or to a girl of similar size 

  D                                A 
I hate myself come morning, but I love me late at night 
       E                       F#m 
If you ask how I'm doing, I'll say that I'm alright 
       D                                A               
Ain't nothing wrong with dying if it helps to pass the time 
        E                                       F#m 
I'll be dancing through the graveyard laughing with a friend of mine 
         D                           A 
Sharing dreams of a coastline and a road to nowhere 
E                           F#m 
I'll be drunk driving, wind blowing through my hair 
           E                               F#m 
When that savior comes to take me, Lord, I will not have a care 
        E       D         A 
As his hands uncover my eyes 
            E      D                A 
Ain't that how a man's supposed to die? 

Quick Guide: 

Part A: 
A D A 
E D A 
D A 
E D A 

Part B: 
D A E F#m x3 
D A 
E D A x2 

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