The Crookes

Tell England

The Crookes

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Tell England


A flag washed up on English tide  
C                                         F 
The little boy just smiled and sighed (oh never mind) 
He lies under the summer sky  
It's raining now, I don't know why (oh never mind) 

E                   F                      C 
They're charged to tell England what went wrong  

C                                                           F 
Mr. Porter waved goodbye as he rode off on his rusty bike (oh never mind) 
C                                                                       F 
The men from the papers they tell lies, they say we've been hung out to dry (oh never mind) 

E                  F                  C 
They're charged to tell England what went wrong 

E                  F                           C 
You just keep on talking; we'll sleep all day long 

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