The Courteeners

Finest Hour

The Courteeners

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Finest Hour

verse 1 

 A                 F#m 
If I gave you my finest hour 
    Bm             E 
Would you stick around? 
            A                     F#m 
Cause I'm sick of giving my favourite rhymes 
    Bm                 E 
To girls who just leave town 
  A                  F#m 
One got married and one had kids 
  Bm                     E 
One out-priced me in West Dids 
    A                       F#m 
And when I see her I try and make amends 
   Bm                        E 
She put her foot down in her fella's Benz 

F#m E D C#m Bm E You know that I can't compete with that F#m E D C#m Bm I can't compete with that E It's a fact
verse 2 A F#m One did one to Echo Park Bm E With an old Pen pal whose now an oligarch A F#m She sent my boxes one by one Bm E All her exes Xmas's at once A F#m And as I unpacked the Eric shirt and Bm E The National prints from the last concert A F#m Bm E I thought I'll probably never see that girl again Outro: C

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