The Classic Crime

What Id Give Up

The Classic Crime

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What Id Give Up

Capo on 2nd fret

verse 1 
Woke up in a hotel, three hours of sleep last night 
            A                                C#m-A 
Only thing real to me is a thirteen-hour drive 
I lost my convictions, I have risked my life 
               A                                         C#m-A 
Ive seen the face of God through miles of black ice 

E Oh, I just wanted you to know A B What Id give up to give myself to you
verse 2 E I had my foundations, but I threw them away A C#m-A Only thing real to me was moving, the rest was fake E But Ive got new direction, I feel winds of change A C#m A Still Ive got my good reasons to stay the same, Oh oh oh oh (Chorus) BRIDGE F#m-A B No I dont need it anymore F#m-A B The hotel floors the stage the lights the road F#m A B All I want to do is build a home F#m A B Youve got my heart and my soul (Chorus)

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