The Clancy Brothers

Galway Bay

The Clancy Brothers

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Galway Bay

verse 1 

D                                    A 
Maybe someday, i'll go back again to Ireland 
If my dear old wife would pass away 
She nearly has my heart broke with all her naggin 
                      A7            D 
She's got a mouth as big as Galway Bay 

verse 2 

D                                       A 
See her drinkin 16 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon 
And then she can walk home without a sway 
If the sea were beer instead of salty water 
                          A7      D 
She would live and die in Galway Bay 

verse 3 

D                                    A 
See her drinkin 16 pints of Padgo Murphy's 
When the barman says "I think its time to go" 
She doesn't try to speak to him in Gaelic 
                          A7            D 
But a language that the clergy do not know 

verse 4 

D                                    A 
On her back she has tattooed a map of Ireland 
And when she takes her bath on Saturday 
She rubs the sunlight soap around by Claddaugh 
                             A7             D 
Just to watch the suds roll down by Galway Bay 

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