The Bewitched Hands


The Bewitched Hands

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Tuning: EADGBe 

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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-8---8-7-8--7-8-10-8-7-5----5-3-5------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------| Played during the verses D|---------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
G Em Life is so cruel, my broken out of my head G Em Bis like a fool, my broken out of my head. Chorus: Em C G G Em I?m a hero C G G Em I?m walking with my balls C G G Em I give the best of myself C G G so trick me like a fool Verse X 1 Chorus X 1 Break: (listen to the music to figure out the strumming. the tab part is played at the same time) G G G G G G G G/B Em Em Em Em Em Em Em D
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e|-7-7-7-7-8--7-7-5----------------------------------------------------------| B|-8-8-8-8-8--8-8-8----------------------------------------------------------| G|-7-7-7-7-7--7-7-7----------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-3-3-3-3-5--3-2-3----------------------------------------------------------| B|-5-5-5-5-5--5-5-5----------------------------------------------------------| G|-4-4-4-4-4--4-4-4----------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Whole break is twice this part) Chorus X 4

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