The Bellamy Brothers

I Need More Of You

The Bellamy Brothers

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I Need More Of You

	  		sung by the Bellamy Brothers 
G    2    D    2    Am    
D7    G    2    
Hearts burnin' like they were on fire 
Am     D7                  G 
Flames changin' my love to desire 
Babe, my heart is screamin' to say 
Am    D7                      G 
Girl, we've got to go all the way 
CHORUS (same pattern as verses): 
I need more of you changin' my rain into sun 
More of you puttin' my blues on the run 
I need more of you, darlin', I need more of you 
More, anything less wouldn't do 
Verse 2: 
We ain't been together too long 
Strange, how did our love get so strong? 
There's nothin' to keep us apart 
We've got to catch up to our hearts 
(instrumental, same pattern as last 2 lines of verse) 
(repeat chorus & fade) 


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