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Crazy From The Heart Chords

The Bellamy Brothers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by peter

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Crazy From The Heart

  		G                      Cadd9                Am 
I know the reasons why you're not here with me 
G                                  Cadd9        Am 
Well I told you I'd survive if you ever have to leave  
D                        Cadd9 
And in the light of day, I tend to do ok 
D                            Cadd9       D 
But when my night takes hold, I think of you 
G Cadd9 G Cadd9 Cra-a-a-zy from the heart G G/F# Em C D Well I reach out to touch you but you know we're in the dark G Cadd9 Em C My mind kno-o-o-ws why we're apart G Am C D G But I go cra-a-zy, crazy from the heart
In my mind there's no doubt we could not make it last Well, I've learned to live without the love that's in the past But in the night so still, her mem'ries feel so real They make my blood run cold, I reach for you Chorus Em C Am When the moon takes hold (when the moon takes hold) C D The stars come out and I lose control Chorus ______________________ Tabbed By Larry Mofle [email protected] 4/4/04

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