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Mean Mr Mustard

Year: 1969 - Album: Anthology 3

E        B              E7 
Mean Mr Mustard sleeps in the park 
 B             E               B       E 
Shaves in the dark, trying to save paper 
B           F#                B7  C7  Db7  D7 
Sleeps in a hole in the road 
D            A                   D7  Db7  C7  B7 
Saving up to buy his new clothes 
B                F#          B 
Keeps a ten bob note up his nose 
       E        C7 B7      E        C7 B7 
Such a mean old man,       mean old man 

E          B          E7 
His sister Pam works in a shop 
B          E             B      E 
She never stops she's a go-getter 
B                F#           B      B7  C7  Db7  D7 
Takes him out to look at the Queen 
D               A            D7  Db7  C7  B7 
Only place that he's ever been 
B                 F#           B 
Always shouts out something obscene 
      E          C7 B7          E          C7 B7 
Such a dirty old man,            dirty old man 

B7   C7   Db7   D   A  E   D   A   E 


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