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Hold Me Tight Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by alexribeiro

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Hold Me Tight

  		A música precisa ser escutada pq ela é toda feita com riffs! 
Segue apenas a harmonia pra quem quiser tocar em casa mesmo! 

Intro.: F 

   :     C7 
   :It feels alright now 

V  : F       Bb 
E  :Hold me tight 
R  :G7                C7 
S  :  Tell me I'm the only one 
E  :      F     Bb 
   :And then I might 
1  :G7              C7 
   :  Never be the lonely one 

   :    F       F7 
C  :So hold me tight 
H  :   Bb       Bbm 
O  :tonight, tonight 
R  :      F 
U  :it's you, 
S  :Bbm          F      C 
   :  you, you ,you, oo 

V  : F       Bb 
E  :Hold me tight 
R  :G7              C7 
S  :  Let me go on loving you 
E  :   F        Bb 
   :Tonight, tonight 
2  :G7               C7 
   :  Making love to only you 


B : F G# F R :Don't know what it means to hold you tight I :Bb Gm G D : Being here alone tonight with you G : C7 E :It feels alright now
VERSE 1 + Chorus BRIDGE VERSE 2 + Chorus

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