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Drive My Car

Year: 1965 - Album: Rubber Soul

(Lennon/ McCartney)


    D7                     G 
1.  Asked a girl what she wanted to be. 
    D7              G 
    She said baby, can't you see? 
    D7                    G 
    I wanna be famous, a star on the screen. 
    But you can do something in between: 

        Bm                    G7 
        Baby you can drive my car, 
        Bm                  G7 
        Yes I'm gonna be a star, 
        Bm                       E7  
        Baby you can drive my car, 
             Am         D     G-A 
        And maybe I'll love you. 

    D7                        G 
2.  I told the girl that my prospects were good, 
    D7                     G 
    And she said baby, it's understood, 
    D7                     G 
    Working for peanuts is all very fine, 
    But I can show you a better time: 

        **Chorus ...Beep Beep mm Beep Beep Yea 
           Inst: D7 G D7 G D7 G Dm7/A 


    D7                            G 
3.  I told that girl that I could start right away, 
    D7                                G 
    And she said listen babe I've got something to say. 
    D7                   G 
    I got no car and it's breakin' my heart, 
    But I found a driver and that's a start. 

                                   D G A  
          Beep Beep mm Beep Beep Yea 
                                   D G A 
          Beep Beep mm Beep Beep Yea 


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