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Besame Mucho

Am               Dm   
Besame, besame mucho   
Dm           E            F            E       Am   
each time I cling to your kiss I hear music devine   
         A7          Dm   
(So) Besame, Besame mucho   
      Am        F         E                      Am      
I'll love you forever say that you'll always be mine (Cha cha boom)   
 Am                        Dm   
Dearest one,if you should leave me   
 Dm               E           F              E               Am    
 Then each little dream will take wings and my life will be through   
        A7           Dm   
(Oh)Besame, Besame mucho   
        Am         F 
You'll love me forever   
E                        Am   
Make all my dreams come true   
     Dm                       Am   
Ooh this joyous something new my arms there holding you   
  E                      Am   
never knew this thrill before   
   Dm                   Am   
who ever thought I'd be holding you close to me   
 B7                      E   
whispering it's you I adore   
Am                                    Dm   
(Yeah, so) Dearest one, if you should leave me   

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