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The Beach Boys

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by VsWorld

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verse 1 
Amaj7  Dmaj7 
Lines, lines around the block oh 
Amaj7  Dmaj7                     Amaj7 
Lines, now the clock is strikin' seven thirty 
    Em7    A7                        Em7 
Ooh lines, lines around the block oh lines 
A7                        Dmaj7 
Now the clock is strikin' eight 
Dmaj7 Em7 D   G 
Walk  in  sit down 
Gm6                    Dm7b5 
Previews of the coming shows 
Now the movie's starting 
A       Am7                    E 
Oh, the movie's starting kinda slow but 
F#m7      B7     E F#m7 Gdim E 
It'll get better-er 
A   Am7                        E 
Oh, there's a scene with these two, oh 
F#m7       B7      E   F#m7 Gdim E 
He's gonna get her love 

He's gonna tell her 
            D        E 
She's gonna tell him too 
            A             D D# E 
Who's gonna tell them baby 

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