The Band Of Heathens

Jackson Station

The Band Of Heathens

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Jackson Station

	  		Jackson Station 
                     The Band of Heathens              
verse 1 
     G                       D                        G 
Well Mamas? got a voice like sugar, it?s so sweet and fine 
G                                            D 
Sister sang amazing grace she?s right in time 
    G                         G7          C                         Cadd9 
And they?re laying poor poppa low, in the ground that he worked and sowed 
    G                              D                        G 
And I?ll be waiting at the Jackson Station for the train to roll 

verse 2 
           G                     D                        G 
She?s been up all night, she got crows walking around her eyes 
G                                                          D 
But she can still raise a cup in a toast till the well ran dry 
G                        G7          C                            Cadd9 
He left her on a Tuesday still, with gin, whiskey and a bottle of pills 
              G                      D                        G 
And now she?s waitin? at the Jackson Station looking over the hill 

C                      G                       
Take me away hear that whistle play a sad sad song 
C                     G                   D 
Lay me down where the river runs wide and strong 
G                            G7   
Sometimes she rides a ticket home  
C                                Cm 
Other times she'll leave you all alone 
G                             D                       G 
Just a waiting at the Jackson Station waiting for the train to go 

verse 3 
         G                   D               G 
Well the four nineteen rolls on the red ball line 
G                                               D 
And the backwater shacks awaken to the four one nine 
    G                                 G7 
And she?s got smoke coming out of her stack 
C                          Cadd9 
Dead running on a ten mile track 
      G              D                            G 
She?s waiting at the Jackson Station never coming back 
      G              D                            G 
She?s waiting at the Jackson Station never coming back 
      G              D                            C hold 
She?s waiting at the Jackson Station never coming back 
C                  G 
Ain?t never coming back 
Harmonica Solo end 
G D G G D 
G G7 C Cadd9 
G D G 

Submitted by Bob O?Neill 

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