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King Of The Hipsters Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by aleffederico

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King Of The Hipsters

C Bb Gm F 

verse 1 
Am                      Bb 
I love hanging out with Grandpa 
             Gm                F 
Listening to stories about the war 
   C                          Gm 
We drink lemonade, and laugh away the day 
        Bb             F 
So many memories to explore 
Am              Bb 
I cherish every moment 
    Gm                         F 
Cos one day he'll be gone I suppose 
        C                   Gm 
I spend time with him today why I hear you say 
      Bb                                    Am      Bb Gm F 
Cos I know that when he's gone I'll get his clothes 

verse 2 
Am                   Bb 
He's got this wicked jacket 
          Gm             F 
With cool pockets on the chest 
C                  Gm 
I'll get it for my own 
         Bb              F 
When his body is laid to rest 
Am                            Bb 
I'll turn his war medals into badges 
    Gm               F 
And sell them at the market 
C                       Gm 
You've lived for ninety years 
        Bb           F 
Grandpa hurry up and cark it 

C Bb I'll be the King of the Hipsters Gm F Wearing a dead man's clothes C Bb I'll be the King of the Hipsters Gm F When that old man finally goes
verse 3 Am Bb Take your new vintage clothing Gm F Ride your fixie bike straight to hell C Gm You'll marvel at my Penny Farthing Bb F And my ironic old man smell Am Bb It's a constant fashion struggle Gm F Keeping up with hipster taste C Gm If I don't inherit them now Bb F His death will be a waste Bridge Dm When he's finally deceased Am He'll have no objection Bb I can piss away F His treasured wine collection Dm I'll wear his spectacles Am I'll have no pretenses Bb But so that I can see F I'll take out the lenses Dm Am All the hipster chicks will fall for me Bb F Once his ashes have been scattered across the sea Dm Am It would be a great shame to watch him burn Bb C But I can make a fancy crown out of the urn
F C Bb A crown fit for the King of the Hipsters Gm F I'll wear his gramophone around my neck C Bb I'll be the King of the Hipsters Gm F I'll use his chess board as a turntable deck C Bb I'll be the King of the Fuckwits Dm F I'll wear his underwear as a tie C Bb I'll be the King of the Dickheads Gm F So Grandpa please hurry up and die

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