The Axis Of Awesome

4 Chord Song

The Axis Of Awesome

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4 Chord Song

C                         G                         Am 
My life is brilliant my love is pure 
I saw an angel of this I'm sure 
C                         G 
Wherever you go whatever you do 
Am                           F 
I will by right here waiting for you 
C                         G         Am 
No one no one no one 
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling 
This is the way you left me 
I'm not pretending 
No love no hope no glory 
No happy ending 
C                                          G 
People killed and people dying 
              Am                   F 
Children hurt and women crying 
    C                             G 
If you practice what you preach 
      Am                        F 
You can turn the other cheek 
            C                 G 
Cause you are amazing 
                 Am               F 
Oh we did amazing things 
      C                G 
If I could then I would 
Am                   F 
I'll go wherever you will go 
C                            G                     Am 
So tell me whyyyyy should I let you go 
Give me twenty good reasons I need to know 
C                     G 
And she will be loved 
Am                   F 
Yeah she will be loved 

C             G 
Am I not pretty enough 
Am           F 
Is my heart too broken 

C                             G 
When I find myself in times of trouble 
Am               F 
Mother Mary comes to me 
C                   G 
I come from a land down under 
  Am             F                               C 
Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong 
G                          Am    F 
Do I cry too much Am I too unspoken 
C         G 
Take on me Take on me 
Am        F 
Take me on Take on me 
I'll be gone 
G               Am 
In a day or two 
F                   C                             G 
Save tonight and find the break of dawn 
Am                    F 
Come tomorrow tomorrow I'll be gone 
C        G 
To tell me 
Am          F 
What you think Ohh 
C         G 
About me Yeahh 
Am       F 
I won't try Yeah 
C           G 
To argue Yeah 
Am       F 
Or hold it Ohh 
C       G 
Against you Yeah yeah 
     Am                      F 
It's too late too apologize 
C         G 
It's too late 
C             G         Am     F 
Take your canvas bags 
C             G         Am     F 
Take your canvas bags 
C             G         Am             F 
Take your canvas bags to the supermarket 
C             G         Am     F 
Take your canvas bags 
C                       G           Am             F 
I'm more than a bird I'm more than a plane 
I'm a birdplane 
         G              Am         F         C 
I'm a birdplane A mother fuckin' birdplane 

C                 G 
Doesn't that sound familiar 
Am              F 
Doesn't that hit too close to home 
C                                G 
Doesn't that make you shiver 
Am                         F 
The way that things have gone 
C                                G 
And doesn't that seem peculiar 
Am                              F 
And doesn t that sound familiar 

C                                    G 
Cause everyone wants a little more 
Am                        F 
It's something I do remember 
C                    G 
to never go this far 
F                                   C (strum udududu quickly) 
That's all it takes to be a starrrrrrr 

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