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40 East Chords

The Avett Brothers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hebealmeida

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40 East

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Capo II 

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Intro/Riff: G Bm C e|--------------2------0----------------------------------| B|--------------3------1--1-------------------------------| G|---12---------4------0--0-------------------------------| D|---12---------4------2--0h2p0---------------------------| A|--------0-1-2-2--2-3-3--3----2-3-2-0--------------------| E|--3----------------------------------3------------------|(4x)
G Bm C Sleep darling rest your mind G Bm C I'll drive all night to get to you G Bm C Please moan softly if you must moan at all G Bm C I'm moving through the night toward you Am G Am G Sleep darling, sleep darling G D7/F# C I'm on my way to you G D7/F# C I'm on my way to you Repeat Intro Rest my angel, not one word, Between you and I on the telephone line You are weary and need your sleep So leave the hard thinking and the driving to me Sleep darling, sleep darling I'm on my way to you I'm on my way to you Let go

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