The Association

Looking Glass

The Association

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Looking Glass

Intro: E  Bm7 

Verso 1: 
	     E                   G#m7 
You say that you're gonna go 
	     Gmaj7                F#m7     B7 
I suppose you know what's best for you 
	   E                G#m7 
So go, run with the wind 
	         Gmaj7          F#m7     B7 
Taste the sun, feel the spin of worlds 
	   Bm                    G 
Unknown to me, but come home to me 
	         E7                   F#7 
At your journey's end I'll be here 
	        Gmaj7             C 
I'll be near anytime you need me 
	 Am               B   C  B 
Need me, I'll be here 

Verso 2: 
So go, play in jeweled cities 
Play with pretties, tie ribbons in your hair 
And if you find the looking glass 
Please stay and ask the other side 
Who's that standing there, who's that standing there 
What's her name 
	          Bm                G 
Does she still wear morning in her hair 
	E7               F#7 
  And smile the same 
	    Gmaj7     C   Am   B  C  B 
The same...  aahh.. 

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