The 88

Center Of The Sun

The 88

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Center Of The Sun


C Bb F C Eb Bb C Ab Bb C Eb Bb 

verse 1: 
C                          Bb     F 
Drag me out of eye for eye 
C            Eb             Bb 
      With Sundayʼs souls 
C            Ab       Bb 
      Who live to die 
C           Eb          Bb 

C                          Bb     F 
And leave me in the pouring rain 
C            Eb             Bb 
    To know myself 
C            Ab       Bb 
    To feel my pain 
C           Eb          Bb 

Ab Eb Bb Cause Ive been drawing closer every day Ab Eb To the center of the sun Ab Eb Bb And though Id like to tell you I could stay Ab Eb G I know Iʼm already gone
Repeat intro Repeat verse 1 chords during verse 2, then repeat Chorus once, followed by intro again (with solo this time), play Chorus again without the G chord at the end, then play the full Chorus, and end with the intro, but ending on the last C major.

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