The 1975


The 1975

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Capo on 9th fret

Intro: C F G 

C                       Am7                       F 
As she mistakes my name I see the light come around 
C                           Am7 
And strange as it seems I'm bursting at the seams 
F  G                    C 
Oh I've got a woman now 

C                               Am7 
Her wallet photos don't turn me on 
F                          G 
I feel her hand come around 
        C                        Am7 
And her stone-wash denim jeans are darker than they seemed 
F  G                    C 
Oh I've got a woman now 

          Am7                                      F 
She said, "My name is Eileen, boy that's all you need" 
         G                     Ab/G  Am7         
Oh, and "this one's on the house I don't mind" 

G  F   

C                    Am7 
It all tastes the same 
F                                              G 
But boy there's something different about your mouth 
C                                Am7 
You try chasing dreams, man it's harder than it seems 
F  G       Ab/G      Am7   G 
Oh I've got a woman now 
F  G                    C 
Oh I've got a woman now 

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