The 1975


The 1975

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A#  F  C  Dm 
A#  F  C 
A#  F  C  Dm 
A#     C 

verse 1 

A#  F                C        Dm 
   I wish you'd walk in again 
A#  F              C       Dm 
   Imagine if you just did 
A#              F         C          Dm      A#  F  C 
   I'd fill you in on the things you missed 
A#      F        C          A#      F    C         Dm 
   Oh, sleepless nights, a grown up man dressed in white 
      A#      F          C         Dm 
Who I thought might just save your life 
       A#        C           F 
But he couldn't, so you died 

Chorus A# F C Dm I don't like it, now you're dead A# F C Dm It's not the same when I scratch my own head A# F C Dm A# F C I haven't got the nails for it A# F C Dm And I know that God doesn't exist A# F C Dm And all the palaver surrounding it A# C F C But I like to think you hear me sometimes
Bridge B Dm So I reached for a borrowed fleece C# From my dad or from Denise Dm Always C# A# Trying to keep warm, when you're the sun verse 2 A# F C Dm I sat with you beside your bed and A# F C Dm Cried for things that I wish I'd said A# F C Dm A# F C You still had your nails red A# F C Dm And if I live past 72, A# F C Dm I hope I'm half as cool as you A# F C Dm A# F C ooh verse 3 A# F C Dm I got my pen and thought that I'd write A# F C Dm A melody and line for you tonight A# F C Dm A# F C I think that's how I make things feel alright verse 4 A# F C Dm Made in my room, this simple tune A# F C Dm Will always keep me close to you A# F C Dm The crowds will sing their voices ring A# F C And it's like you never left A# F C But I'm bereft you see Dm A# F C Dm I think you can tell A# F C Dm A# F C Dm I haven't been doing too well Outro A# F C Dm A# F C Dm A# F C Dm A# F C Dm

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