The 1975


The 1975

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Capo on 4th fret


A                                  E                    D     A 
Well I only brought three, what you lookin' at me for? 
A                          E                   D      A 
She's dressed in white and putting off crying 
A                           E 
Well you're the best man so what's the plan? 
 D                                 A 
Why don't you talk to Matty about it? 
A                                  E 
I said I only brought three like I told you before 
D                          A 
We're gonna have to ask about 
A         E 
Free bar, that's the point 
D                           A 
Spillin' ammaretto 'cause of previous joints 
A                       E 
Sitting next to a girl, fortunate placing 
D                             A 
Preceding railing racket off a porcelain basin 
A         E 
Who's he, giving it the lips? 
D                           A 
I've never seen him knockin' about 
A                          E 
He looks just like me, but six foot three 
    D                          A 
So I reckon you could knock him out 
A                                E 
Well I think I'll say a couple of words if you don't mind 
D                             A 
I never really got on with your bird the first time 
A              E 
I met her out, dressed in nowt 
D                         A 
Telling everybody you were shagging about 
A                E 
Well who's this, going for the kiss 
    D                         A 
I'm probably gonna yosh in your mouth 
   A                           E 
'Cause it's five past three, I can hardly see 
D                              A 
And I'm on the verge of passing out 

A E D A (2x) 

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