Thad Jones

A Child Is Born

Thad Jones

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A Child Is Born


 a child is born 
Ebm/Bb          Bm7 
 we've suddenly stepped through 
 a thousand doors 
 a child is born 
 her chin is like mine 
Am7           D7/9+ 
 her eyes are yours 
Gm7      D7+        Gm7      D7+ 
 how perfectly formed are her fingers 
Gm7        C9 
 so far to reach 
F#m7        F7 
 so much to know 
Bbm              D7+              Ab9 
 what world will be formed by her fingers? 
 we'll hold her close 
Gb6             C9 
 then let her go 
 Bb/F     Gb6         Gm7            C9    F#m7   F7 
 how sweet to find a part of us that we knew nothing of 
Fm7        F7 
 a child is born 
Bbm7             Eb          Bbm 
 a child that is born of our love 

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