Tess Parks

Cocaine Cat

Tess Parks

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Cocaine Cat

Capo on 2nd fret
Intro Am  E  G  D 

Am  E   G        D 
So sit back and relax 
Am  E       G        D 
Enjoy your cocaine Kate 
Am          E           G    
Takes some time to get used to 
       D            Am  E 
But I know you'll be 
   G   D 
Am        E     G    D 
Send some sensitivity 
Am       E              G        D 
Gettin' you are you're feelin' me 
Am    E       G        
Jump out the window 
   D              Am   E  
If it's the last thing 
   G  D 
I do 

Am      E         G    D            Am  E 
You can have my piggy bank when I die 
      G  D 
For you 

( Am  E  G  D ) 

Am     E            G        
Put a match to a tree 
            D           Am  E  G  D 
Watch the leaves burn high 
Am       E     G        D 
They're all sensitive like you, babe 
Am     E           G      D   Am  E  G  
But I know you'll be alright 
       D       Am  E  G  
You'll be alright 
       D       Am  E  G  
You'll be alright 
       D       Am  E  G  D 
You'll be alright 

( Am  E  G  D ) 

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