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Our love dream Chords

Terry Winter

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by cebolinha

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Our love dream

	  E                                  B7 
I am dreaming very much Of our tomorrow 
    E                                B7  
And I am thinking very Much of our today. 
    A                                 G#m 
And I don?t have no time To think of sorrow, 
       F#                             D  B7 
For I love you as I?ve always done before 
I know everybody wants To know our story 
I know that I don?t see, Hearth  don?t care 
And I know people Who  
wanna feel they?re sorry, 
So I play them all.  
I?ve moved this theme to play. 
       A                 Am 
And I love you more and more, 
          E             F# 
Like I?ve always done before 
        A                 B7 
And I know that life has been 
So good to me oh! 
And I love dream I?m sure 
For it?s really very plure 
And I know that you will 
Never fail with me 
And I don?t have no time 
To think of sorrow, 
For I love you like 
I?ve always done before 


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