Terri Clark

The Inside Story

Terri Clark

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The Inside Story

Capo on 1st fret
Intro:  C D G C D G D 
Verse 1: 
    G     C     G 
The rumor going'round 
G                        D 
Is that I haven't shed a tear 
But don't they know you can't believe 
C    D         G 
Everything you hear 
G           C         G 
'Cause ever since you left 
G                     C 
I've been a master of disguise 
         C       D      G        C 
I may be smiling on the outside 
          D            G 
But don't look into my eyes, 'cause... 
The inside story 
      C        D         G 
Is as clear as black and white 
I still dream about you 
             C       D 
When I turn out the lights 
    C               F       C 
The news out on the street 
         G                Em  
Says you didn't break my heart 
C       D      G         
But the inside story 
D             G       C D G C D G  
Is tearing me apart 
Verse 2: 
          G     C         G 
I thought maybe there was something wrong 
G                     D 
That we'd work out in time 
And looking back I can see 
         C      D         G 
I didn't read between the lines 
G                C        G 
And now my pride helps me hide the pain 
G                         C 
So it's not written on my face 
        C            D         G   C 
When we pass I'll pretend your memory 
    D       G  
Was easy to erase, but... 
Repeat Chorus 
C       D      G    C 
Oh, the inside story 
   D           C      D  G 
Is tearing me apart 

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