Terri Clark

Now That I Found You

Terri Clark

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Now That I Found You

(J.D. Martin/Paul Begaud/Vanessa Corish)

	  		Intro:  (D A Bm A G) (twice) 
D            A             Bm            
How can I believe that my heart would find 
A     G       D 
Someone like you 
             A            Bm 
You see the real me, no in betweens 
   A       G       D 
I had no where to hide 
                   A       Bm 
You took away the walls around me 
              G                A 
Made me feel safe to share my truth 
I've seen the Heaven's open 
A heart that once was broken 
Is holdin' nothin' back 
G        A        D  
Now that I found you 
You hold me like a prayer 
You touch me everywhere 
G                       Gm                D 
A lifetime just ain't enough to love you true 
C         G          D  
Now that I've found you (twice) 
D              A                  Bm   
Believe we're meant to be, our chemistry 
A           G            D 
Will last forever, and through the years 
       A                      Bm 
We'll see some tears, we'll conquer fears  
 A       G         D 
Together we will grow 
                 A         Bm 
Looking in your eyes they tell me 
                G             A 
I'll no longer have to feel alone 
CHORUS(note:on the last chord in the chorus,"D", this one time change it  
to Bm to lead into the bridge) 
Bm               A 
You see me, the real me 
G              A 
You believe in me 
Outro: (C G D)

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