Terri Clark

If I Were You

Terri Clark

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If I Were You

	  		G                                  C                  G 
You were standin' at my front door when I came home tonight 
                                         C                     D 
And I could tell by the look you gave me you were needin' my advice 
            C                                 D 
You say you want more out of life than he can give you 
As a tear rolls down your face 
But girl, I've seen the way he looks at you 
      D                                   G 
And I know someone who'd gladly take your place 
   D      G        C               G 
If I were you, I'd run back home tonight 
         C              G                            D 
Tell him everything's alright, yeah, I know what I'd do 
          G        C             G 
If I were you, I'd never let him go 
    C               G                  D 
I'd have someone to hold my whole life through 
If I were you. 
You shouldn't think you're missing out on something 
  C                        G 
Because you wear a wedding band 
'Cause I can't seem to find somebody 
               C                     D 
Who wants more than just a one night stand 
C                             D                                   G 
You know this single life I'm livin' ain't all it's cracked up to be 
                                     D                     G 
So you've come to the wrong place if what you want is sympathy 
D         G 
If I were you. 
Chris Schatzle 


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