Terre Roche

The Unrecovered One

Terre Roche

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The Unrecovered One

Intro: Am 

verse 1 
Here I am, I'm the unrecovered one 
You can talk to me if you want to  
If you want to you can shun me 

verse 2 
  Am                                                  Em 
I stumble through the streets with my pride and my arrogance 
  Am                                            Dm 
I spit right in your face when you invite me to dance 
     Am                                    Em 
I go months and years at a time terminally unique 
        Am                     Dm 
With my pills and my bottle of wine 
     Am                                             Em 
I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very weak 

verse 3 
  Am                                          Em 
I can't get out of bed, the hangover's got my head 
        Am                                             Dm 
So I forgot to take the garbage out and put the kid to bed 
      Am                         Em 
We're all wandering around in my house 
         Am                  Dm 
Like the night of the living dead 
    Am                                  Em 
I'm someone that you can look at and be glad 
Am              Dm 
You're not me instead 

verse 4 
     Am                                          Em 
Underneath your sobriety and your piety and your quiet 
          Am                            Dm 
There's a human being there who's got a spirit  
    Am                  Em 
And has to learn how to fly it 
    Am                  Dm 
The controls are on the panel  
        Am                          Em 
And the manual's in the flotation device 
    Am                   Dm 
But if it comes to using that  
       Am                           Em 
You've already crashed through thin ice 

Verse 5 
        Am                     Em 
I'm not saying I'm better than you  
  Am                                         Dm 
I feel like you're saying you're better than me 
         Am                                              Em 
You say "Tough luck I sobered up and now I'm running the company" 
     Am                        Dm 
Your Higher Power he's like my god  
      Am                              Em 
He'll take you out in a flash, you'll see 
    Am                             Dm 
And do the same for all your loved ones  
Am                       Em 
And the ones like me you pity 

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